Monday, February 21, 2011

Operation Overlord: D-Day Invasion

Allies felt pressured to bring a close to this war. In order to do that they came up with Operation Overlord, this was a plan to launch a massive invasion on the French coast. On June 6th 1944 there would be 3.5 million soldiers ready to land on three beaches of Normandy, France. The night before the planned invasion there would be paratroopers sent behind enemy lines. Every man that was ready to set foot on the sand knew the urgency behind this battle. The entire war was important, but the unity felt by all the men could be felt over the vibrations of the gun fire. There was a sense of duty and honor that the men knew they had no choice but to be victorious. In the end the Allies were triumphant and took back Paris, the French capital. Because of their victory Normandy is now American soil.

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