Sunday, February 20, 2011

Manhattan Project &dropping atomic bomb

So if we can get into Japan’s Morals, they take pride seriously and create a way that the only way they lose, is to lose to themselves. Japan’s decision to Bomb Pearl Harbor was a decision they would regret. This created war, and high morale of US citizens. This war is now becoming a suicidal mission to Japan. Their increase of refusing to peace leaves this country with no choice but to atomically bomb their country. This is now causing controversy with decision making. President FDR fully believes that BY atomically bombing Japan is the only way for them to surrender and end WW2. Projects have been conducted all over the country to create such a weapon of destruction. In detail, the Manhattan Project: that was conducted even before WW1 is a secret code for the US about the study of nuclear warfare. If we have such a power to create a massive weapon of destruction, should we use it to win over Japan?

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