Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Just Because You Have To Ration, Doesn't Mean Stop the Fashion!


Of Clothing, Cloth and Footwear

From June, 1941

Rationing has been introduced not to deprive you of your real needs, but to make more certain that you get your share of the country's goods - to get fair shares with everybody else.
When the shops re-open you will be able to buy cloth, clothes, footwear and knitting wool only if you bring your food ration book with you.  The shopkeeper will detach the required number of coupons from the unused margarine page.  Each margarine coupon counts as one coupon towards the purchase of clothing and footwear.  You will have a total of 66 coupons to last you a year; so go sparingly.  You can buy where you like and when you like without registering.

The Turban was originally made for women in the factories to keep their hair away from factory machinery, but as simple as that idea really was, it became an iconic style for females everyday. The Turban was also used as a disguise for un-kept and messy hair.

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