Monday, February 21, 2011

Code Talkers

In 1941, when America first joined the war, she was still very racist. No other race of people was wanted to join the military. African Americans were allowed to be apart of military but only to do petty jobs of the military. Beginning in 1942 the United States government would draft Native Americans, specifically Navajo, as code talkers. Phillip Johnston came up with the idea to use the Navajo language.The Navajo were only drafted to the United States Marine Corps. The Japanese would listen to the radio hoping to hear American plans for war. The job of the Navajo was to radio each other in their native tongue so the Japanese could not crack the language. The speech is extremely complex , and is an unwritten language, and also has many dialects. A dictionary was developed specifically for military terms. The most skilled Japanese code breakers could not break the Navajo language. This played a huge role in the Allies success in island hopping.

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