Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Editorial: You Dropped the Bomb on Me

Droping the atomic bomb on Japan still holds the question of whether it was necessary or unnecessary, but how could that be when the bomb helped America in so many ways. Yes, it was necessary! America had to end the war as fast as possible and the decision to drop the bomb increased that process. To invade a country like Japan would have cost hundreds of thousands of lives and it would have devastated the country, and the Japanese were not people to just surrender when in battle, they fought to the last life and were not above suicide tactics as demonstrated by the Kamakazi raids. As terrible as it was, dropping the bomb probably saved thousands of lives and saved the country from ruin. It was basically the best way to solve the problem other than any alterior motives.


Just Because You Have To Ration, Doesn't Mean Stop the Fashion!


Of Clothing, Cloth and Footwear

From June, 1941

Rationing has been introduced not to deprive you of your real needs, but to make more certain that you get your share of the country's goods - to get fair shares with everybody else.
When the shops re-open you will be able to buy cloth, clothes, footwear and knitting wool only if you bring your food ration book with you.  The shopkeeper will detach the required number of coupons from the unused margarine page.  Each margarine coupon counts as one coupon towards the purchase of clothing and footwear.  You will have a total of 66 coupons to last you a year; so go sparingly.  You can buy where you like and when you like without registering.

The Turban was originally made for women in the factories to keep their hair away from factory machinery, but as simple as that idea really was, it became an iconic style for females everyday. The Turban was also used as a disguise for un-kept and messy hair.


"I'd like to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee." 
-Joe DiMaggio

An eleven-time all-star hit’s the Hall of Fame in 1955; Joe DiMaggio hit his 56 Game Streak! 1941 was quite an important year for the Yankees, as they plunged their way into the World Series! With their rival Red Sox being led by Ted Williams, they still couldn’t beat the heart of the team and the determination DiMaggio had to bring the Yankees out of their beginning game slump to a victorious win! This landed Joe DiMaggio Most Valuable Player.

Cash and Carry

Under the American Neutrality Act of 1937 the US was forbidden from supplying weapons and goods to any country involved in a war. Cash and carry is a law that changed the Neutrality Act to allow countries at war to purchase American goods as long as they paid cash and picked up their orders in American ports.
This system worked to advantage of both buyer and seller by allowing the US to remain neutral  and providing Britain and France with the weapons they urgently needed .
However, the system soon stumbled when France was defeated less than a year later leaving Britain to fight on alone. As cash was required for the purchases Britain was rapidly approaching bankruptcy. To overcome this problem the "Lend-Lease" act was passed by Congress in 1941, under which the US was able to lend, lease or exchange war materials with other nations.

Book Review: Night by Elie Wiesel

This highly rated novel about Elie Wiesel's experience in Nazi Concentration Camp, Auschwitz during World War II. Night is a good resource for students who are just learning about the Holocaust for the first time or studying about World War II. The book gave you vivid images of the painful, crucial experience in the concentration camp.  He explains the cruelty and digusting actions taken by the  Germans to exterminate the Jewish people. Beginining as a child and all the way up to adulthood, you feel the saddness of his time in Auschwitz. A story of bravery and horror this twisted nightmare of treatment of human beings, will shock anyone that can make it through the first twenty pages. This book is recommended for anyone who has a strong stomach and wants to learn in detail about harshness of Hitler's hatred. The novel was rated with five stars and won a Nobel Peace Prize and was added to Oprah's Book Club.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rosie the Riveter gets America Working

The men have left for battle and their families are left at home with no one to provide for them. Well when times get harder, the people get tougher. Now that the men are gone, women must step up and take their place as the bread winner. Women begin to work in factories. They may work but times were still prejudice and they did not get paid as much as their husbands. But that did not stop them. And for the first time women were joining the armed forces. Such as: WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service), WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots), WAC (Women’s Army Corps), WAAC (Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps). These programs were for each branch of the military. Although women were doing men’s jobs, the women never allowed in combat. These ladies came to be known as Rosie the Riveters

Operation Overlord: D-Day Invasion

Allies felt pressured to bring a close to this war. In order to do that they came up with Operation Overlord, this was a plan to launch a massive invasion on the French coast. On June 6th 1944 there would be 3.5 million soldiers ready to land on three beaches of Normandy, France. The night before the planned invasion there would be paratroopers sent behind enemy lines. Every man that was ready to set foot on the sand knew the urgency behind this battle. The entire war was important, but the unity felt by all the men could be felt over the vibrations of the gun fire. There was a sense of duty and honor that the men knew they had no choice but to be victorious. In the end the Allies were triumphant and took back Paris, the French capital. Because of their victory Normandy is now American soil.

The London Blitz

The German dictator Adolf Hitler had been on a rampage invading nations all over mainland Europe. His next target was England. His goal was to demoralize the people of London. The country’s current leader was Winston Churchill. And he knew better than to try and negotiate for peace. Hitler’s first plan of attack was to focus on the Royal Air Force. The Germans were not successful due to new technology called radar. Radar detected the German planes ahead of time using radio waves. But the Germans were still able to damage London severely. German bombers attacked London for fifty seven straight nights. The Battle of Britain was mostly an air battle. There was not much combat on the ground.

Code Talkers

In 1941, when America first joined the war, she was still very racist. No other race of people was wanted to join the military. African Americans were allowed to be apart of military but only to do petty jobs of the military. Beginning in 1942 the United States government would draft Native Americans, specifically Navajo, as code talkers. Phillip Johnston came up with the idea to use the Navajo language.The Navajo were only drafted to the United States Marine Corps. The Japanese would listen to the radio hoping to hear American plans for war. The job of the Navajo was to radio each other in their native tongue so the Japanese could not crack the language. The speech is extremely complex , and is an unwritten language, and also has many dialects. A dictionary was developed specifically for military terms. The most skilled Japanese code breakers could not break the Navajo language. This played a huge role in the Allies success in island hopping.

Political Cartoon

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941 “A day that will live in Infamy.” Early morning, Japanese forces Bombed our own Hawaiian Pearl Harbor, which held important carriers, ships ect. Their surprise attack angered this country with to become an increase of morale for this country. Japanese bombed, sunk, and shot Pearl Harbor down to the bottom the Sea with no warning. This event, led to World War 2 between Pacific and European theatres. What were the intentions of Japan? TO defeat our fleets and army and also to strengthen their own army in the matter of time to fight for their own country’s needs. 
“A day that will live in infamy”, said by our very own President Franklin D. Roosevelt. A day to remember that we lost our loved ones and lost to a country that yes, took us away with surprise, but will not win. Our American Morale is now heightened and will create a war of country Pride and most of all, American pride! “the Japanese got what they asked for,” explained a local nurse of Tustin CA. “Bombing Pearl Harbor, personally I don’t think they were getting themselves into. They were looking for war, but they don’t know what war is until they have fought America.”

Manhattan Project &dropping atomic bomb

So if we can get into Japan’s Morals, they take pride seriously and create a way that the only way they lose, is to lose to themselves. Japan’s decision to Bomb Pearl Harbor was a decision they would regret. This created war, and high morale of US citizens. This war is now becoming a suicidal mission to Japan. Their increase of refusing to peace leaves this country with no choice but to atomically bomb their country. This is now causing controversy with decision making. President FDR fully believes that BY atomically bombing Japan is the only way for them to surrender and end WW2. Projects have been conducted all over the country to create such a weapon of destruction. In detail, the Manhattan Project: that was conducted even before WW1 is a secret code for the US about the study of nuclear warfare. If we have such a power to create a massive weapon of destruction, should we use it to win over Japan?

Battle of Stalingrad

Has Germany met its defeat? Has Germany met failure? Battle of Stalingrad can conclude ant future proclamations of Germany’s future. In Latest news, Germany’s Power is increasingly amazing. Hitler’s power couldn’t be questioned. His hatred toward Stalin now gives him power to defeat the Soviet Union (Joseph Stalin). But as the war between Russia and Germany increase, their location contributes a major factor with winner and loser. Russia reels in Germany into their own home land creating a disadvantage with no resources for Hitler’s army. This creates the battle of Stalingrad, a defeat against Germany. This is a milestone and most memorable indeed. Where can Germany go now? Will this create a pattern within their strategy? Is this the new Germany? They have lost their first battle.

Dictators come to power

Dictatorship? Is this what the world has come to with such a power-trip? Italy, Russia and Germany. This Rupture of Power has created militarism, and patriotism within these countries with dictator government. 
Mussolini dictatorship, In Italy creates and exponential amount of patriotism within.  A little after WW1 Mussolini upraised in power with former soldiers to support his beliefs and dreams. These were called “fasci di combattimento” fighting bands that ware black to seize the people’s attention. Fascism is his new thing as well,  a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism, In this case his use to level up a large amount of love for the country by force.
With Joseph Stalin: Is creating a 5 year plan to help industrialize his country, but in the events of this, its making matters worse. Many farmers now in famine with Stalin selling rather than buying for the society. 
And not to mention, Hitler, Opinions contemplate: he’s the worst one. His power-trip not only contains patriotism but, Racism towards anyone who isn’t the perfect Arian race. With concentration camps for the Jewish and on-spot extermination, Hitler’s power continues to grow and become threat to the world. Dictatorship is one scary thing in today’s generation. Can we stand to stop the effect of harsh power?